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A Fest Request for More Legendary Moments

Thursday, 7:04 AM

I can't even begin to count the number of country music festivals I've been to in my life. And yet I couldn't name one single moment that stood out to me as unforgettable.

Nashville Stars Take the Stage for On the Record

Wednesday, 5:58 PM

Nearing the close of its second season, ABC's hit drama Nashville will break from its weekly storyline Wednesday (April 23) with Nashville: On the Record.

Sara Evans Honored to Represent Women on Country Chart

Wednesday, 5:08 PM

I'm sitting at our dining room table chugging my coffee, looking over the current country charts, and so far, I have to say it's looking pretty good.

Jerrod Niemann: Blown Away, Then and Now

Wednesday, 2:47 PM

Jerrod Niemann's current single "Drink to That All Night" is at the top of the Billboard country airplay chart for its second week in a row. And Niemann sounds like he is blown away by that.